Westwood Renewables Planning Photovoltaic Farm In Minnesota


Westwood Renewables LLC, based in Minneapolis, will begin construction this month on what the company says is Minnesota's largest PV solar farm to date. The 400 kW Saint John's Solar Farm will be constructed on-site at Saint John's Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minn.

‘Our cold climate is actually an advantage for PV solar installations,’ notes Mario Monesterio, one of the founders and partners of Westwood Renewables. ‘They operate more efficiently and require less maintenance than in warmer climates. In addition, the opportunity for solar resources in Minnesota and the Midwest are abundant. Most people don't realize that.’

The finished solar farm will sit on approximately four acres of land and contain 1,820 three-foot by five-foot 220 W solar modules, according to Monesterio. The system will provide about 20% of the Abbey and University's peak energy needs on a sunny day.

Westwood Renewables will provide the design, installation, and maintenance for the project and will be teaming with sister company Westwood Professional Services for site surveying, civil engineering, environmental services and construction staking.

SOURCE: Westwood Renewables

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