Whole Foods To Install 20 More Solar Systems


Whole Foods Market has announced a comprehensive energy commitment that more than triples the number of stores with solar panels, extends the company's commitment to offset 100% of its use of nonrenewable electricity with wind energy, and invests in energy-reduction opportunities, while retrofitting existing stores with energy-efficient lighting, equipment and mechanical components.

The company recently contracted to add solar to more than 20 locations. Including existing installations, solar will be brought to the rooftops of more than 30 of the company's stores nationwide. With an installation at its Berkeley, Calif., store in 2002, Whole Foods became the first retailer to introduce solar power as its primary lighting source, the company notes.

Including potential future rollout phases, Whole Foods Market hopes to have close to 70 total locations with rooftop solar panels – close to one-fourth of the company's total number of stores.

SOURCE: Whole Foods Market

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