Winaico Testing Solar Modules In Australia


Winaico, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Win Win Precision Technology Co. Ltd., has installed its polycrystalline solar panels amongst its competitors at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) in Alice Springs, Australia.

DKASC is an independent demonstration facility funded by the Australian government for commercialized solar technologies. It is designed to provide the industry with long-term system level data proving the reliability of solar generators. A standard and automated metering system establishes performance data, which is collected at a resolution that confirms the reliability of solar technologies and logs power quality, Winaico explains.

‘We expect our modules to excel at the testing facility due to their technological advances, low-light performance and temperature coefficients,’ notes Blair Pester, sales director for the Asia Pacific region at Winaico Australia. ‘The initial results are coming through, and they are extremely promising.’

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