Winery Installs Cogenra Cogeneration Solar Array


Cogenra Solar, a provider of distributed solar cogeneration systems, has provided what the company says is the U.S.' largest rooftop solar cogeneration system to date at Kendall-Jackson's Kittyhawk winery in Windsor, Calif.

Expanding on Kendall-Jackson's existing energy and water conservation projects, the 96-module, 241 kW hybrid solar photovoltaic and thermal array is expected to save approximately $30,000 in annual energy costs, according to Cogenra.

Cogenra partnered with local installer SunWater Solar to construct the array on the roof of the winery. The solar cogeneration system provides up to 60% of the building's hot water needs, with the electricity powering lighting and cooling. In addition to this initial solar cogeneration project, Kendall-Jackson will install Cogenra arrays at its Vinwood estate in Sonoma County and an additional winery in Monterey County.

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