Xandex Introduces SunMizer Shade Mitigation Tool


Inc. and European subsidiary Xandex BV have developed the SunMizer shade mitigation tool for photovoltaic modules. The product will be unveiled at the upcoming Intersolar Europe 2010 conference, which will be held in Munich, Germany, June 9-11. SunMizer is a shade mitigation tool designed to increase solar energy harvest by recovering power that is lost when shade falls on a solar module. By isolating the shaded solar module(s) from the rest of the modules in a series-connected string, SunMizer prevents the shaded panel from drawing down the power output of the non-shaded modules, the company explains. At the same time, SunMizer harvests power from the shaded module and contributes that power to the string. The result is recovered power that would normally be lost due to shade, Xandex says. SunMizer is UL 1741 and GS/CE safety certified, and it ships with a limited 20-year warranty that includes a provision for replacement labor. SunMizer is available in 48 VDC and 80 VDC models, making it suitable for use with nearly all monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar modules, the company adds. Xandex Inc.: (707) 763-7799 SOURCE: [link=http://www.sunmizer.com]Xandex Inc.[/lin

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