Xantrex Introduces Solar Energy System Monitoring Solution


Xantrex Technology Inc. has launched its Gateway monitoring system – a wireless monitoring solution for small-scale solar power installations.

The Gateway, the company says, is the central communication component of a residential or small commercial solar energy system. It keeps the system owner informed about the system's operation and energy production from any location. The Gateway's wireless capability bridges the gap between Xantrex single-phase grid tie inverters and the system owner's computer.

According to Xantrex, the Gateway can monitor a network consisting of up to 20 grid-tie inverters. It logs the system's performance data directly from the inverters and transmits that information to Yahoo Widget-based software for straightforward graphics and easy access from any computer. The Gateway includes built-in wi-fi and ethernet connectivity, allowing access through the Internet or direct to a local computer. It also offers a web page with the ability to configure automated e-mail reports and fault status to the user or installer.

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