Xantrex Inverters Connect Homes To New Ontario Energy Initiative


Vancouver-based Xantrex Technology Inc. has announced that its solar inverters have been installed on the first two residential installations connected to the utility grid under the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program, a renewable energy initiative launched last year by the Ontario Power Authority.

Xantrex dealer Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc. of Markham, Ontario, designed and installed six photovoltaic modules on the roof of a residence in Stouffville, Ontario. The system incorporates a Xantrex GT3.0 grid tie solar inverter that converts DC power produced by the solar modules into clean AC power for sale to the electricity grid. A second residential installation, a 4 kW system located in Burlington Ontario, is controlled by a Xantrex GT5.0 grid tie solar inverter.

‘We are pleased that Ontario has launched this progressive program to encourage the generation of clean, renewable power’, said Mossadiq Umedaly, chairman of Xantrex. ‘This incentive will stimulate significant investment in the solar energy sector in Ontario and the rest of Canada.’

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