Xantrex Launches Solar Power Conversion Substations


Xantrex Technology Inc., a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has introduced the Solar Power Conversion Substation (SPCS) to the North American market. The SPCS is a pre-wired equipment package specifically designed to meet the growing demand of large-scale grid-tied solar farms and large commercial rooftop solar installations.

The SPCS typically consists of Xantrex solar power inverters, DC combiner boxes, step-up transformers and a medium-voltage switches housed in a prefabricated building to allow quick field wiring from both the solar arrays and the utility grid connection point, the company says. Other items, including climate controls, security equipment, array string monitoring, SCADA monitoring equipment and power metering, can be added to the package. Custom designs are available using Xantrex GT500-MV, GT500E or GT250 inverters.

‘The SPCS will allow customers to reduce total electrical installation cost and project cycle time by up to 15%,’ states Rudy Wodrich, business development director for Xantrex Technology Inc. ‘The old method of inter-wiring the electrical equipment on the job site was often inefficient and difficult to coordinate the delivery of components from multiple vendors.’

Xantrex: (604) 422-8595

SOURCE: Xantrex

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