Xantrex Offering Utility-Scale Grid-Tie Solar Inverters In Italy


Xantrex Technology Inc., a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has introduced the Xantrex GT500E and the Xantrex GT250E Three Phase Grid Tie Solar Inverters to the Italian market.

These high-power solar inverters are designed to meet the technical requirements of large scale applications for utilities and businesses, the company says. The 500 kW Xantrex GT500E and the 250 kW Xantrex GT250E solar power inverters both use the latest switching devices to achieve high efficiency ratings. The inverters can be integrated into a 1 MW turnkey configuration.

Xantrex inverters convert the DC energy collected by solar panels into high-quality AC power for use in the utility grid. The Xantrex GT500E and GT250E have obtained DK5940 approval and are listed with ENEL for use in Italy. Xantrex products offer superior performance, reliability and efficiency. They are also easy to install and come with a top-quality service program for large commercial and utility scale projects.

Xantrex: 34 934338350

SOURCE: Xantrex Inc.

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