Xantrex Solar PV Inverter Features Highest Efficiency Rating


Xantrex Technology Inc. says its new 4.5 kW XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger has achieved a California Energy Commission efficiency rating of 93% based on CEC test protocol. This is the highest efficiency rating for a grid-interactive inverter with battery backup, the company says.

The new inverter is a component of the XW System, a fully-integrated battery-based system designed for residential and commercial solar and backup power applications. It was engineered using a complete systems approach, with integrated balance-of-systems components and a compact design. Targeting 4 kW to 18 kW indoor installations, the Xantrex XW System can be customized to suit almost any solar or backup power application, the company notes.

Xantrex: (604) 422-8595

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