Xantrex Supplies Inverters For VCWD Solar Power System


Xantrex Technology Inc., a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, supplied four Xantrex GT Series Three Phase Grid Tie Solar Inverters for a utility-scale solar power installation in Valley Center, Calif.

The 1.1 MW solar power system will be used by the Valley Center Water District (VCWD). The system will provide 2.1 million kWh of electricity per year for the water district, offsetting up to 20% of the electricity required by its largest pumping station.

The Xantrex inverters used in the solar energy system convert the direct current energy collected by the solar panels into high-quality alternating current power for use by the water district. The Xantrex inverters were selected by WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp., which designed and installed the solar power system. WorldWater recently changed its name to Entech Solar Inc.

‘This is the third project over the last six months in which Entech Solar has chosen to use Xantrex's high-quality inverters for large-scale solar projects,’ notes Ted Campbell, president and CEO of Xantrex. ‘We are very pleased with the results of our ongoing relationship.’

SOURCE: Xantrex Technology Inc.

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