Xantrex Technology Expands Solar Product Line


Xantrex Technology Inc. has expanded its renewable power product line with the addition of the GT3.8 grid-tie solar inverter and Trace Series inverter/charger.

The new GT3.8 offers improved solar system sizing with a wide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) window and a high CEC efficiency rating, the company says. The wider MPPT window (195 to 550 V DC) provides a strong fit with high-current, low-voltage modules.

The Trace Series inverter/charger provides modified sine wave electricity for homes or businesses that do not have access to reliable utility power or that experience power outages. The design, based on the company's DR Series of inverter/chargers, features new power factor corrected charging and a sophisticated multi-stage battery charging algorithm, which reduces electrical draw and generator run time when re-charging batteries. To provide system feedback, an enhanced digital display provides inverter output power in kilowatts and charge current in amps

Xantrex: (604) 422-8595

SOURCE: Xantrex

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