Xenon Corp. Debuts Sinteron 2010 For Thin-Film Substrates


Xenon Corp. has introduced the Sinteron 2010, which is used for curing thin-film PV substrates, among other applications.

Whereas the product's last generation, Sinteron 2000, featured four preset values for pulse widths, the Sinteron 2010 allows for digitally programmable pulse widths. The ability to dial up just about any desired width makes the Sinteron 2010 more flexible than its predecessor, the company says.

The pulse width for the Sinteron 2010 is adjustable in increments of 5µs in the range of 100µs to 2,000µs. The machine also allows connection for either spiral or linear lamp housings. These can provide optical footprints of 19 mm x 305 mm or 127 mm diameter areas.

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