XeroCoat Receives Funding To Develop Anti-Reflective Coating For Solar Modules


XeroCoat Inc. says that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded the company a grant for a $2.96 million project to develop a method for applying its patented anti-reflective coating technology directly onto assembled photovoltaic solar modules.

In addition to being technically feasible, an anti-reflective coating solution for thin-film solar modules must be cost-effective. This means that the additional watts generated from the coating must cost less than the cost of the thin-film module. According to XeroCoat, this is a significant challenge, given that some thin-film modules are already at or below the $1 per watt cost and are targeting much lower costs over the next five years.

‘The DOE grant allows XeroCoat to continue its technological innovation and provide solutions that enable the thin film solar module industry to increase their cost competitiveness,’ states Tom Hood, president and CEO of XeroCoat. ‘Our value proposition is in providing the most cost-effective watt on the module.’

SOURCE: XeroCoat

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