XinAo Group Selects Applied Materials Production Tech


As part of its entry into the solar energy market, XinAo Group has signed a contract with Applied Materials Inc. for an Applied SunFab Thin Film production line with state-of-the-art PV technology using 5.7 m2 glass substrates. With an optional tandem junction upgrade, the line will be capable of producing modules to generate more than 50 MW of electricity, as the first phase of a planned 500 MW plant in China.

"Photovoltaic module manufacturing is a very important part of our strategy to provide clean energy to China and other countries of the world," says Wang Yusuo, chairman of XinAo." We have selected Applied Materials as a key contributor to this project because of its leadership in ultra-large area processing and its successful 23-year history of providing systems and support to China's semiconductor manufacturers."

"Since the Applied SunFab Thin Film Line uses 5.7 m2 substrates that are four times bigger than today's typical solar modules, XinAo can use efficiencies of scale to lower both manufacturing and installation costs," adds Franz Janker, executive vice president of Applied Materials." These large substrates will accelerate the development of a cost-effective solution for clean renewable energy."

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