Xiris Automation Introduces PVCI-1500 Machine Vision Platform


Xiris Automation Inc., a provider of machine vision technology, has released the PVCI-1500 Machine Vision Platform, which is designed for crystalline silicon cell and wafer inspection.

Using a combination of visible and non-visible illumination sources and a single optical path, dual-camera system, the PVCI-1500 can be configured for many common inspection requirements, including crack detection, edge defect detection, surface inspection, print inspection, color binning and color homogeneity.

The PVCI-1500 is initially offered in two variants: a low-cost configuration with high-powered back illumination, front illumination and a high resolution monochrome camera targeting incoming cell inspection for module manufacturers; and a feature-rich version that adds multi-angle front illumination and an accurate color camera to support cell classification.

Xiris Automation Inc.: (905) 331-6660

SOURCE: Xiris Automation Inc.

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