XsunX Expands Relationship With Newport For Thin-Film Solar Manufacturing


XsunX Inc. has expanded its existing two-year relationship with Newport Corp. by selecting Newport as its preferred supplier for laser and motion subsystems for its integrated thin-film photovoltaic manufacturing line. These products are used to create monolithically interconnected cells on solar panels and laser-scribe bar codes on the panels for quality control purposes.

Newport has developed solutions for the automated manufacturing of solar cells that employ high-power lasers, precision positioning systems, vibration isolation, and optical subsystems to enhance the speed and precision of the solar cell manufacturing process, the company says.

‘We are pleased that XsunX has chosen us as their preferred supplier for lasers and precision motion subsystems, which play a key role in enabling high-precision, high-volume and low-cost manufacture of thin film solar panels,’ says Robert J. Phillippy, president and CEO of Newport.


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