XsunX Facilities Find Home In Beaver State


XsunX Inc. has announced that its planned 100 MW thin film photovoltaic solar module manufacturing facilities will be located in Oregon. The Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based solar cell developer is working with representatives to finalize a manufacturing site location.

‘We're very motivated by the overall program that was submitted to XsunX by Oregon's Business and Energy Development departments,’ states Tom Djokovich, XsunX's CEO. ‘The combination of operating incentives and credits, added to low-cost financing opportunities, allowed us to make what we believe was the best decision possible for locating our planned multi-megawatt facilities in Oregon.’

Several existing candidate properties that meet the general requirements for XsunX's new facilities have been presented and are under review.

‘The XsunX thin film solar module manufacturing facility plans represent a significant long-term investment on XsunX's part so we've worked equally hard to provide a friendly business climate and as much assistance for their operations as possible,’ says Sarah Garrison of the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department. ‘Their technology is a great addition to the diversified solar energy industry in Oregon.’

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