XsunX Focusing On Production System Components


XsunX Inc. says it is focusing on initiating orders for the production system assembly components for its multi-megawatt thin film photovoltaic solar module manufacturing facility. Last month, the company announced that it had secured a $21 million equity financing commitment to support the launch of its base line production system and the first 25 MW of its planned 100 MW of solar module manufacturing capacity.

XsunX says it is working closely with its primary vendors for the delivery of core deposition and laser systems, to be followed shortly thereafter by commitments for back-end solar module encapsulation and packaging systems. To support the manufacturing systems, the company has also begun working with its selected gas systems vendor to design and provide a delivery system for the requisite industrial manufacturing gases.

The company is also actively evaluating options for an appropriate manufacturing facility that will allow XsunX to install and operate its manufacturing systems in 2008." We are being very deliberate about our building selection," says Joseph Grimes, XsunX's chief operating officer." With the current state of the real estate market, there's no shortage of buildings to choose from, and our projected delivery schedules for our deposition and laser systems allow us time to make the best facility choice and negotiate favorable lease terms."

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