XsunX Receives Equipment Order From Lambda Energia


Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based XsunX Inc., a developer of manufacturing systems and cell structures for the solar industry, has agreed to supply Lambda Energia SA of Cuernavaca, Mexico, with an order of thin film photovoltaic (PV) production equipment valued at over $41 million.

The agreements, consisting of system sales and a royalty-based per-watt manufacturing license, provide thin film PV production equipment and two product development tools specializing in the fabrication of micro-crystalline and amorphous thin film silicon solar cells, XsunX says. Delivery is scheduled to begin in January 2008.

‘Lambda Energia expects to achieve broad market success with the thin film solar products we will manufacture under license from XsunX,’ says Marco Adamo, Lambda's president and founder. ‘The demand for low-cost solar products that can be easily integrated into buildings overwhelms the ability of suppliers to deliver these products – the thin film products that Lambda will produce using XsunX's technologies are well suited to meet this demand.’

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