Xunlight Completes First Installation Of Roll-To-Roll PV Equipment


Xunlight Corp. says it has completed the installation of its first 25 MW wide-web, roll-to-roll photovoltaic manufacturing equipment for the production of high-efficiency thin-film silicon PV modules. This is the first of Xunlight's full-scale production lines to be installed in its Toledo, Ohio, facility.

The 25 MW solar cell manufacturing equipment, a 200-feet-long series of connected vacuum deposition chambers, uses a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition process to deposit thin-film silicon solar cells on a three-feet-wide, one-mile-long, thin, stainless-steel substrate at a speed of 720 square feet per hour.

According to Xunlight Solar, this manufacturing process is inherently lower-cost and more productive than competing technologies.

SOURCE: Xunlight Corp.

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