XYZTEC Introduces New PV Cell Bond-Testing Platform


XYZTEC, a global supplier of bond test equipment with U.S. offices in Gilroy, Calif., has released the new Condor EZ, a single platform with multiple test capabilities. This platform allows end users the flexibility of performing many types of tests on one system, the company says.

In addition to standard bond-testing applications, such as wire pull, ball shear and die shear, the Condor EZ has the capability to perform peel testing, push testing and roller testing. All of these tests can be done on one test head that features four different measurement sensors. The system can perform mechanical shock testing by changing the test head for impact testing or ribbon peel testing of photovoltaic cells by using a USB tweezers.

The new Condor EZ joysticks are ergonomically friendly, easily move the XY stage to the desired position and feature 12 logically arranged buttons for increased operator efficiency, the company adds.

XYZTEC USA: (408) 846-5475


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