Yamaichi Electronics Introduces New F.A.T. PV Connectors


Yamaichi Electronics has developed new models for its Y-Sol4 series of field-assembly F.A.T. connectors.

Due to rising cost pressures in the PV industry, the company created an additional version of the connector for 4 square-millimeter to 6 square-millimeter cable cross-sections. The Y-Sol4 F.A.T. connectors feature a spring clamping mechanism for simple clamping of stripped cable in the field, the company says. This mechanism permits quick, effective assembly without crimping.

The new versions of the Y-Sol4 F.A.T. connectors are specifically suited for thin-wire outer diameters of 4.5 mm to 6.1 mm. Thin wires are popular in photovoltaic installations today because they are more cost-effective due to material savings, Yamaichi explains. The existing versions continue to cover the range of larger cable diameters from 6.1 mm to 7.6 mm.

All the new versions are based on the familiar concept of tool-free field assembly. This permits the quick, reliable and cost-effective installation in the field without additional special tools, Yamaichi notes.

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