Yingli Introduces CleanARC PV Coating For Harsh Environmental Conditions


Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. has introduced its new CleanARC anti-reflective (AR) glass coating for solar panels on all of its Yingli product lines.

Developed by California-based Enki Technology and offered through Yingli, CleanARC coating enables panels to generate more energy over time while simultaneously reducing cleaning requirements – creating additional project value in comparison to conventionally coated panels, says Yingli.

Due to their high resistance to abrasion and environmental degradation, the coated panels are ideal for project sites with harsh environmental conditions such as sandstorms, sea mist, high humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations.

CleanARC coated solar panels can also reduce operations and maintenance expenses because the coating's structure and hydrophobic properties enable more effective self-cleaning than conventional AR coatings, the company says.

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