Yingli Solar Modules For 1,500 V Projects Now Available In The Americas


China-based panel manufacturer Yingli Solar has announced its new utility-scale product line, the YGE-U 1500 Series, is available in the Americas.

Underwriters Laboratory recently certified the new multicrystalline panel series for use in projects with maximum system voltages up to 1,500 V, which Yingli says represents an improvement over traditional modules that are typically designed for a maximum of 1,000 V.

Available in power classes up to 340 W, the YGE-U 1500 Series drives balance-of-system savings by decreasing the required number of home-run cables, combiner boxes and fuses in a given project, the company says. Yingli adds that the higher maximum system voltage also reduces resistive losses, thereby increasing system-level energy yield and improving the project’s overall performance.

“With industry analysts citing installation cost savings as high as $0.05 per watt when deploying large-scale 1,500 V projects, higher maximum system voltages will soon become the industry standard,” comments Jeffrey Barnett, managing director of Yingli Green Energy Americas, Yingli’s U.S. subsidiary. “Our YGE-U 1500 Series, which features a sturdy aluminum frame that is compatible with standard mounting, racking and tracking solutions, is ideally suited for 1,500 V applications.”

“Demand for framed 1500 V modules like our YGE-U 1500 Series is on the rise, but particularly in the U.S. and Latin America,” says Alan King, vice president of sales at Yingli Green Energy Americas.

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