Yissum, BrightSource Collaborate On Solar Thermal Research


Yissum Research Development Co. of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ltd., the technology transfer arm of the university, has signed two research agreements with BrightSource Industries Israel (BSII) for the development of new materials for solar thermal power plants.

Under the agreement, BSII will fund research in the laboratories of Professors Daniel Mandler and Shlomo Magdassi, both from the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In addition to payment of research fees, BSII will compensate Yissum upon the successful implementation of the technology in its solar power plants. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The new materials may be integrated in the solar thermal power plant technology developed by BSII and implemented in new utility-scale power plants worldwide. The BSII technology generates electric power from solar energy by using a field of mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a boiler mounted atop a central tower, where water is converted to superheated steam that drives a turbine generator.

SOURCE: BrightSource Industries Israel

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