Yuba City Expects To Save $6 Million With Clean Energy Program


The City of Yuba City, Calif., has completed the implementation of an energy efficiency and solar power program with OpTerra Energy Services. The city expects to save over $6 million, over a 30-year term, in energy and utility costs as a result of upgrades across 16 city structures.

Starting in late 2013, city leadership collaborated with OpTerra to identify and develop long-term energy-savings opportunities that would enhance building performance and reduce energy costs. The city council authorized the company to begin construction in November 2014.

OpTerra says some highlights of the project include new solar PV panel arrays at the Gauche Aquatic Park and the city’s water treatment plant that provide a total of 662 kW of energy, as well as solar thermal panels that will heat the pool water at Gauche Aquatic Park and offset 30% of heating gas consumption.

The project also retrofits much of the city’s aging mechanical and electrical infrastructure, including lighting fixtures, heating and air conditioning systems at city hall, fire stations and the police station.

Photo courtesy of OpTerra Energy Services: Solar installed for Yuba City, Calif., is part of a larger, comprehensive energy project expected to save the city $6 million in energy costs.

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