Yushiro Chemical Expands Slurry Fluid Manufacture To U.S.


Japan-based Yushiro Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., a supplier of wafering fluids to solar photovoltaic manufacturers throughout Asia, has expanded manufacture of its fluids to its U.S. subsidiary, Yushiro Manufacturing America Inc., located in Indiana.

Yushiro says its series of polyethylene glycol (PEG)-free slurry suspension fluids can serve as an alternative to conventional PEG-based sawing suspension slurries. As the trend continues toward thinner photovoltaic wafers, these fluids were developed to provide reduced kerf loss compared to typical PEG-based products due to stable viscosity characteristics.

These suspension fluids are recyclable through various centrifugal, filtration and distillation recovery methods, the company adds. Yushiro has also begun domestic production of a series of wafer cleaning fluids designed for various washing stages following wafer slicing.

‘Manufacture of these fluids at our Indiana facility will enable us to better support our North American clients and expand operations in the region,’ states Yukinao Namiki, president of Yushiro America.  Â

SOURCE: Yushiro Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

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