ZBB Energy Receives UL Certification For Grid-Tie Inverter


ZBB Energy Corp. has received the ETL listing to UL 1741 certification from Intertek Testing Services for its 25 kW grid-tie inverter module of the ZBB EnerSection power and energy control center.

The UL 1741 certification incorporates IEEE 1547 requirements for the interconnection of distributed generation resources. This certification signifies that the inverter module of the ZBB EnerSection meets all of the product safety standards for connection to a utility power grid anywhere in the U.S. or other countries where UL standards are accepted.

The ZBB EnerSection is a modular, controllable, bi-directional, hybrid power conversion platform that integrates and manages multiple renewable and/or conventional power generation sources simultaneously while incorporating energy storage, according to the company.

In addition to receiving certification for the 25 kW inverter, the company is currently working on UL 1741 certification for its 60 kW and 125 kW grid-tie units.

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