ZBB Supplies Energy Storage For Florida Project


ZBB Energy Corp., a developer of renewable energy power platforms, says it has received an order from LEMA Construction and Developers Inc. to provide its EnerSystem to the city of St. Petersburg, Fla., parks department.

The ZBB EnerSystem includes the ZBB EnerSection power and energy control center, a ZBB EnerStore 50 kWh zinc-bromide flow battery module and customer-provided lead acid batteries. The ZBB EnerSection provides a completely integrated energy management platform ready for interconnection to a range of configurable energy sources, including PV and other power outputs, the company says.

This system will be used for load management and peak shaving while providing continuous power and energy regulation supply while connected to the grid. The installation is targeted for completion in spring 2012.

‘As demand charges fluctuate by time of year, a hybrid of storage is needed to compensate for the natural variability of PV,’ says Skip Wilkinson, project manager at LEMA Construction. ‘We will work with the consulting engineer, the city's staff and ZBB to determine an optimal use of both energy storage types with the PV to produce a tangible economic result for the city and provide a potentially replicable model for other sites and customers.’

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