Zilla Debuts RED3 Tilted Ballast Photovoltaic Mounting System


Next Generation Energy, the developer of the Zilla system, has introduced the RED3 Tilted Ballast System (TBS), which is intended for installations on flat or slightly angled roof surfaces and is field-adjustable for uneven surfaces.

The RED3 TBS is a no-bolt, drop-in panel that is simple to use, saves time and energy, and provides a clean look, the company says. The system is engineered to meet infinite tilt-angle adjustments from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, while eliminating penetrations of the roofing membrane. It provides a tilt-up feature for easy wiring, maintenance and roof access.

The system is designed for all wind and climate zones, ranging from midsize to utility-scale PV and thermal installations. The system is also capable of dispersing point loads and features several quick and easy grounding options, Zilla adds. The system is 100% recyclable.


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