Sigora Solar Acquires Aztec Solar


Sigora Solar, a residential and commercial solar company, has acquired Aztec Solar, a solar energy solutions provider, in a strategic growth move that supports Sigora’s expansion plans. 

“We are on a mission to expand access to energy solutions for all types of customers,” says Logan Landry, CEO of Sigora Solar. “We are driven by a desire to empower our customers through technology including solar, energy efficiency and battery storage. We are constantly looking for opportunities like this one, which we see as a major win for Aztec Solar, Sigora and all of our current and future customers.”

Sigora Solar now operates in 14 states and is one of Virginia’s largest residential and commercial solar installers. Aztec Solar is a Sacramento-based company that has been in business for 40 years. Aztec Solar was one of the Sacramento area’s pioneers in solar power and offers multiple top-quality solar products and technologies, servicing residential, commercial, industrial and governmental customers. Ed Murray, founder and CEO of Aztec Solar, is the current president of the California Solar and Storage Association (CalSSA) and has been a member of the advocacy group since 1984.

Day-to-day operations will continue to be managed by the Aztec Solar team with a plan and roadmap for the gradual integration into the Sigora parent company. There will be no major changes for employees or customers in the near term. Eventually, Aztec Solar will become part of Sigora’s back-end operations, including access to Sigora’s software and suite of technology services.

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