AI Clearing, PCL Solar Partner on Solar Asset Tracking, Management


AI Clearing has signed a multi-year partnership with PCL Construction’s solar division, launching the next step in managing solar work with production tracking, quality checks, commissioning and tracking key performance indicators with the AI Surveyor solution.

“We are very excited about this partnership with AI Clearing,” says Andrew Moles, solar general manager for PCL. “We believe the combination of their amazing technical expertise with our wealth of construction experience will change how solar facilities are built, commissioned and managed.”

AI Clearing’s proprietary solution provides practical benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced surveying costs and mitigated construction-related risks.

“It is amazing to see such deep tech solution being quickly and safely deployed with PCL,” comments Adam Wiśniewski, CTO for AI Clearing. “Especially the combination of all aerial data with our OnSite app is proving to be super powerful for end users.”

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