Avangrid Project Aims to Improve Transmission Utilization


Avangrid Inc., a sustainable energy company and part of the Iberdrola Group, has partnered with LineVision Inc. on a pilot project to unlock additional capacity on its transmission lines for renewable energy in New York state.

The project will deploy advanced monitoring for overhead transmission lines in the area of Hornell, N.Y., with the goal of reducing grid congestion by providing real-time data on where additional power can safely flow through the existing transmission infrastructure. This critical data and visibility could aid in linking more renewable energy resources into New York’s electrical grid and supporting the state’s clean energy goals.

The amount of energy that electric transmission lines can safely carry is variable. Historically, the lines have been operated using static line ratings that tell grid operators a lines’ energy capacity based on conservative and fixed values for assumed weather conditions. However with LineVision’s advanced monitoring, Avangrid will be able to see real-time data, allowing for more flexibility to safely increase the amount of energy flowing through the transmission lines based on current conditions.

The advanced monitoring provides dynamic line ratings, which determine capacity limits of the power lines by combining real-time properties such as sag, temperature and forecasted weather conditions. This results in more informed grid operations and increased carrying capacity of the transmission lines without the need to make any large grid upgrades.

As part of the project, LineVision will partner with Avangrid’s electric utility operating company New York State Electric & Gas to install non-contact LiDAR sensors to monitor overhead transmission lines. The sensors will be installed on two of the company’s transmission lines: one that runs from Elma (Erie County) to Strykersville (Wyoming County), and the other that runs from Warsaw to Perry (both in Wyoming County).

Funding for the project was awarded to Avangrid and LineVision through round two of NYSERDA’s Future Grid Challenge program.

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