Burkle Develops Ypsator Solar Module Lamination System


Burkle, a manufacturer of coating and lamination equipment for the photovoltaic industry, has launched its Ypsator multi-opening lamination line, which ejects up to 10 modules per cycle on five openings for both crystalline and thin-film solar operations.

The advantages of the multi-opening laminator – guided by a three-stage process – are its process guiding and reproducibility, the company says. In the first step, the modules are prelaminated, removing moisture and air pockets in a vaccum. In the second step, lamination is completed in a press. In the final step, the Ypsator cools down the module to hand warmth. Burkle says the technology enables glass modules to be laminated with less stress, reducing glass breakage.

The company offers a laboratory laminator in its Freudenstadt, Germany, headquarters to enable customers and suppliers to test foils, glass panes and other materials with different parameters via the Ypsator process.

Burkle: (704) 523-8552

SOURCE: Burkle

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