Canadian Solar Launches New Line of PV Modules


Canadian Solar Inc., a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules and provider of solar energy solutions, has launched the Series 5 and Series 6 PV modules. 

These new modules will join the HiKu, BiHiKu and HiDM portfolios, expanding the range of high-power, high-efficiency monofacial and bifacial solar modules.

These new products incorporate Canadian Solar’s proprietary cell technology, as well as the latest module designs, reflecting Canadian Solar’s commitment to the research and development of competitive and clean solar solutions.

“Since I founded the company in Canada 19 years ago, I am proud that Canadian Solar has committed to the development and deployment of the latest solar technologies. As reflected in today’s announcement, our commitment is to develop technology that will deliver more solar energy more cost-effectively,” says Dr. Shawn Qu, founder, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. 

“Our HiKu, BiHiKu and HiDM product ranges have always been at the forefront of PV module technology, and the launch of the new Series 5 and Series 6 modules is another important achievement as we continue to provide powerful, efficient and high-quality solar solutions,” he adds.

HiKu5 and BiHiKu5 utilize Canadian Solar’s LeTID (light- and elevated temperature-induced degradation) mitigation technology and power classes of up to 500 W for a more powerful PV module. Available in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells, the LeTID of the HiKu5 is 50% lower than the industry standard. Improved module efficiency and high power classes enable the HiKu5 to lower the LCOE of an installation by up to 4.0%.

HiKu6 and BiHiKu6 shall offer power classes of up to 590 W and module efficiency of up to 21.3%. Relative to standard 405 W monocrystalline modules, HiKu6 modules generate up to 2.7% higher energy yield over the module lifetime, reduce the balance of system (BOS) cost by up to 5.6%, and reduce the LCOE by up to 4.5%, offering excellent value for large-scale installations.

The HiDM5 will be available in power classes of up to 405 W. Relative to standard mono PV modules, the HiDM5 offers a 37% higher rooftop system capacity and 47% higher IRR from lower system costs, making it an ideal module for residential installations. 

The new products will be backed by competitive warranties and Canadian Solar’s commitment to high quality customer service. Series 5 and Series 6 portfolios further expand the company’s broad range of PV products, with modules and services available to meet customers’ solar needs.

Photo: Canadian Solar’s landing page

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