Companies Offering New Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Solution


SolarPower Restoration Systems has signed an exclusive global product license agreement with T.Clear Corp., whereby T.Clear will manufacture and distribute Solar LG Lightguard and Solar HG Heavyguard Protected Membrane Roof (PMR) insulation panels based on SolarPower Restoration's SolarSeal Technologies Surface Overlay and Power Island designs.

‘This new partnership combines the roofing industry's well-known T.Clear insulation panels with a new composite-panel photovoltaic module design,’ says Michael Gumm, CEO of SolarPower Restoration Systems. ‘The photovoltaic module consists of an engineered metal-polymer composite panel and high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells with a new advanced polymer top-surface film.’

The PV module, laminated directly to T.Clear panels, utilizes a corrugated polymer center core for back-surface cooling with a low reflective solar transparent polymer top surface, creating a more energy-efficient PV module when compared to traditional glass modules, the companies say.

Building owners can easily convert existing T.Clear PMR roof installations to a new solar roof using the new T.Clear PV Field Module without modifying the existing roof system or disrupting the facility's normal operations, the companies add.

SolarPower Restoration Systems: (831) 621-7389

SOURCE: SolarPower Restoration Systems

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