Meyer Burger Brings on First Solar Roof Tile Distributor


As part of the pilot phase of its solar roof tile, Meyer Burger Technology AG has signed its first distribution partner from the roofing trade.

Dachdecker-Einkauf Süd eG (DE Süd), a specialist roofing distributor in Germany, will supervise the first pilot projects and implement these together with their customers from the roofing sector. The solar roof tiles come from the pilot production of Meyer Burger and contain high-performance solar cells from the production plant in Thalheim.

“We are delighted to be able to provide the trade with such an innovative product for the product launch, together with Meyer Burger,” says Björn Augustin, an executive board member of DE Süd. The solar roof tiles have already been presented this year at the trade shows Intersolar as well as Dach+Holz, where they met with a high level of interest among installers, roofers and end customers.

After the completion of the current pilot phase, the market launch of the Meyer Burger Tile is planned for the second half of 2023. For mass production of the solar roof tile, Meyer Burger is planning to work with a specialized European contract manufacturing company. The solar cells and the connection technology are to come from Meyer Burger’s own production. The company will also select and procure all materials and components. As a result, Meyer Burger not only ensures that the product conforms with the company’s high-quality standards, but can also leverage its existing supply chains and protect its intellectual property.

“The design of our Meyer Burger Tile enables a uniform and aesthetic appearance across the entire roof area and is therefore ideal for demanding architectural applications,” says Moritz Borgmann, chief commercial officer of Meyer Burger.

The tile is intended for use in private rooftop systems in new construction or roof replacement scenarios, property in redevelopment areas and listed buildings, as well as on buildings with limited roof load. The solar roof tiles will provide a conversion efficiency of up to 17%, with further improvements planned. The solar roof tiles are hailstorm-proof up to 55 millimeters hailstone size and are classified as rigid roofing, which enables installation up to the roof edge without additional safety clearance. Meyer Burger offers a product and performance guarantee of 30 years.

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