Deep Photonics Releases New Laser Oriented To Solar Photovoltaics


Deep Photonics Corp., a technology company manufacturing deep ultraviolet fiber laser solutions, has introduced the FLP-266-PPP: a two-watt picosecond 266 nm fiber laser featuring adjustable pulse width, pulse burst packets and variable pulse packet frequency.

Designed for the photovoltaic industry, the FLP-266-PPP combines high power output with extended lifetime, output stability and reliability, the company says. This laser also introduces the company's new Picosecond Packet Pulsing (P3) technology, which provides a significant innovation in cold ablation of materials.

‘Photovoltaic manufacturers and equipment OEMs have specifically requested an ultra-fast, short-pulse laser that could cleanly and accurately ablate current and future material sets at higher throughput than today's current technology,’ says Joe LaChapelle, CEO of Deep Photonics. ‘The FLP-266-PPP directly addresses this need.’

The company says the output characteristics of the FLP-266-PPP make it ideal for applications including edge isolation, laser-fired contacts, via-thru contacts, front-surface contacts and thin-film patterning.

Deep Photonics: (541) 738-8888

SOURCE: Deep Photonics

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