Dehui Solar Shifts Focus to the U.S.


Dehui Solar, a Vietnam-based PV manufacturer, says it will shift its focus to the U.S. solar market over the next three years, with plans to target utility-scale buyers with bifacial technology.

Dehui Solar plans to triple its business in the U.S. in the next three years, using its subsidiary to increase shipments from 1 GW in 2020 to 2 GW in 2021 and 3 GW in 2022.

U.S. sales reached an estimated 300 MW in 2019. Dehui plans to retain its market focus through dedicated service via its U.S. subsidiary – based in Delaware – and by maintaining a strong presence at solar trade shows in the country.

“As of 2019, Dehui has reached 1.5 GW and 2 GW in combined cell and module capacity, respectively. We are also planning to scale up production,” says Hui Huang, CEO of Dehui Solar.

“The company currently runs 250,000 square feet split across five production lines but has set aside another one million square feet of land to host factories in the future,” he adds.

Going forward, Dehui will offer solar buyers its Max and BiMax product lines, respectively mono- and bifacial modules incorporating 166 mm x 166 mm, mono PERC, half-cut cells with 9 BB. The modules’ reported efficiency of 22.5% is believed to be the highest among Vietnamese makers, notes the company.

Founded in 2017, Dehui Solar has pivoted from European to U.S. clients. European shipments dropped from 200 MW in 2018 – 92 MW to Germany, 65 MW to the Netherlands and 51 MW to Spain – to 50 MW in 2019.

Photo: Dehui Solar’s U.S. team

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