DEK Solar, Heller Industries Develop Solar Cell Drying Tech

DEK Solar and Heller Industries have created a drying system for their previously developed PV3000 solar cell metallization line. The dryer concept is based on the principles of hot-air convection drying, a process that is conducive to precision thermal control at lower drying temperatures.

Offering a significant advantage over conventional infared-based dryers, the PVD3000's drying technology creates improved air exchange within the process chamber which enables the dryer to manage the increased volatile organic compound (VOC) volume associated with raised throughput, the companies state.

In addition, the special catalyst incorporated within the process chamber converts the VOCs to simpler compounds, such as carbon dioxide and water. An important by-product of the catalyst conversion is heat which, in turn, is used to enhance the drying process and reduce overall power consumption.

DEK Solar: (901) 797-9368



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