EDF Turns to SOLARCYLE for PV Panel Recycling


EDF Renewables North America has signed an agreement with SOLARCYCLE to recycle solar panels that are damaged or broken during construction and operation from their grid-scale, distribution-scale and on-site solar projects.

“As a company, we have committed to developing the recycling capability of our clean energy assets, starting with solar,” says Edgar Puerto, associate director, strategic procurement, at EDF Renewables. “We view this as a key strategy for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and catalyzing a new domestic supply chain for made-in-America solar products.”

SOLARCYCLE’s proprietary technology allows for the extraction of 95% of the value from recycled panels, including silver, silicon, copper, aluminum and glass: a significant increase over the industry standard, which is currently below 50%.

The recycler’s patented processes are increasingly extracting value from each panel so that, combined with reverse logistics, they can provide the lowest-cost recycling solution to EDF Renewables that maximizes environmental benefits and supply chain resilience. 

“As one of the largest clean energy companies in the world, we are thrilled that we were selected for this important initiative,” says Jesse Simons, chief commercial officer and co-founder of SOLARCYCLE. “We are proud to partner with EDF Renewables, who went deep with us, with multiple visits to our factory, extensive audits and a competitive RFP process.”

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