Edwards Introduces New Version Of Harsh Process Vacuum Pumps


Edwards has introduced a new version of its next-generation iXH series of harsh process vacuum pumps, targeted for solar manufacturing applications.

Designed to meet the solar industry's need to pump large volumes of hydrogen during solar cell manufacturing processes, the iXH range meets the pumping requirements of both silicon and thin-film solar cell manufacturing in a compact, cost-effective, energy-efficient and easily-configured modular system, the company says.

‘The iXH vacuum pump is 40 percent more energy efficient and has a 60 percent smaller footprint than the previous generation of Edwards' harsh process dry pumps,’ says Nigel Hunton, CEO of Edwards. ‘The iXH also has a larger pumping capacity.’

The iXH pumping system uses a series of large-capacity pumps and boosters to attain the optimum compression ratio required to pump hydrogen gas efficiently. The system is modular and configurable, making it easy to meet site installation and performance requirements for either silicon or thin-film solar manufacturing processes.

Also, multiple iXH modules, configured to meet application-specific requirements and managed by a single controller, appear to the operator as an easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated vacuum system.

Edwards: 44 08459212223

SOURCE: Edwards

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