Environment America Rolls Out Toolkit To Help U.S. Cities Go Solar


Environment America Research and Policy Center has released a new solar toolkit to support cities and towns with going solar.

Environment America says Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar offers practical ways to take advantage of millions of available rooftops across the country.

“If we’re going to forestall catastrophic climate change and protect our cities and towns from the effects of extreme weather, there’s nothing better than clean, locally harvested renewable power,” says Susan Rakov, chair of Environment America Research and Policy Center’s Clean Energy Program. “Rooftop solar can make communities cleaner, safer and more self-reliant. Cities and towns need to put the pieces in place to help this technology thrive.”

Based on lessons learned from Environment America Research and Policy Center’s Go Solar campaign, the toolkit details how cities can lead by example, expand access, remove obstacles and work with other institutions to harness solar energy. In addition to the toolkit, Environment America Research and Policy Center is holding a webinar series to discuss tactics for boosting local solar energy development.

As part of its Go Solar campaign, the organization is identifying and assisting 50 cities with bold renewable energy commitments. The campaign also includes the Mayors for Solar Energy letter, a bipartisan statement signed by 235 mayors to date, representing cities in all 50 states. Together, these leaders are calling for more solar energy to power American communities.

“The Mayors for Solar Energy all agree that local renewable power is crucial to meeting the current and future needs of their communities,” says Emma Searson, Go Solar advocate with Environment America Research and Policy Center. “The tools, case studies and resources included in this toolkit are intended to make it easier for communities to take advantage of this clean and plentiful resource and transition away from dirty energy sources for good.”

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