Fat Spaniel, PV Powered Offer Hardware Solutions For Solar Monitoring


Fat Spaniel Technologies Inc., a provider of monitoring and reporting services for distributed energy systems, has partnered with PV inverter manufacturer PV Powered Inc. to offer a factory-integrated and tested monitoring solution for solar electric systems.

Using the new Fat Spaniel Insight Platform and pre-installed monitoring hardware in the inverter, the combined offering makes remote monitoring much simpler to configure, install and commission, the companies say. These capabilities benefit customers throughout the solar supply chain, including integrators, PPA service providers, utilities and energy end users.

PV Powered's commercial inverters, with the optional pre-installed monitoring hardware, can be combined with Fat Spaniel services to streamline the collection of PV site data and the delivery of monitoring intelligence. Data collected from the inverter, such as production and status information, can be exported over the Internet to the Fat Spaniel data center, from which information about the solar electric system is then made available to customers in the form of Web views, reports and alerts.

Fat Spaniel: (408) 279-5262

SOURCE: Fat Spaniel

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