Fresno Dedicates Largest Solar Airport Installation In America


Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FYI) and WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. have dedicated the largest solar airport installation to date in the U.S.

‘We provided Fresno with a 2 MW, ground-mounted solar system spanning 9.5 acres, or the equivalent of seven football fields,’ says Frank Smith, CEO of WorldWater & Solar Technologies. ‘The project is expected to save the airport about $13 million dollars over the next 20 years.’

Partners in the project include Sharp Solar, which supplied the panels for the project, Xantrex Technology Inc., which provided the inverters, and Solar Power Partners of Mill Valley, Calif., which will operate and manage the system and oversee the sale of the solar power to the airport through a long-term power purchase agreement. In addition, PG&E, the local electric utility, will manage the net-metering connection with the grid.

SOURCE: WorldWater & Solar Technologies

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