FTC Solar Introduces Automated Hail Stow Solution for PV Panels


FTC Solar has launched its Automated Hail Stow Solution, aimed at minimizing solar panel damage caused by hail storms. 

In response to the challenges brought on by hail storms, the company collaborated with VDE Americas to study hail events and their impact on solar panel installations. This led to the development of a hail stow strategy that positions solar modules at the maximum angle allowed by the tracker, away from prevailing winds, to minimize direct hail and associated wind impacts.

The company says solution features include automated utilization of meteorological data, customizable stow thresholds and a multi-radar approach.

“We’re excited to introduce our Automated Hail Stow Solution, offering a proactive approach to mitigating hail-related damage to solar panel installations,” says Andrew Morse, senior director of software at FTC Solar. “By combining advanced technology with meteorological insights, we aim to provide our customers with greater peace of mind and protection for their solar assets.”

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