Hesse & Knipps Introducing New Wire Bonder For Solar Applications


Hesse & Knipps, a manufacturer of high-speed, fine-pitch wedge bonders for the back-end semiconductor industry, is introducing a new wire bonder dedicated to the needs of the solar market in producing concentrated photovoltaic cells.

The new BondJet 820 CPV will offer all of the advanced features of the company's Bondjet BJ 820 wedge bonder, in addition to an extended table travel of 900 mm x 350 mm and expanded X-axis travel via the use of intelligent automation.

The company says other significant machine capabilities include 12.5 microns to 85 microns diameter wire bonding; ribbon bonding from 6 microns x 35 microns to 25 microns x 250 microns; constant loop height and wire length; parallel loops within a mixed reference system; and auto teach for linear applications.

‘The bonding speed and flexibility of the 820 platform, coupled with the extended bonding area, will lend itself very well to the CPV marketplace, as well as other markets requiring such extended travels,’ says Joseph S. Bubel, president of Hesse & Knipps.

Hesse & Knipps: (408) 436-9300

SOURCE: Hesse & Knipps

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