JA Solar Supplies 100 MW of Mono PERC Modules in Spain


JA Solar is supplying high-efficiency mono PERC modules for two 50 MW solar power plants in Alvarado-La Risca, a town in the region of Extremadura, Spain.

The plants are expected to enter operation in the third quarter.

Developed and built by Spanish solar company Solarpack, the two subsidy-free projects were recently acquired by Green Investment Group Ltd., which signed a long-term power purchase agreement with Shell Energy Europe Ltd. Power purchase agreements are one of the key factors driving the Spanish PV market back to the gigawatt scale, leading investors to focus more on the power-generating capability and long-term performance of solar modules.

The modules supplied by JA Solar use solar cells manufactured with gallium-doped silicon wafers. In 2019, JA Solar was granted the IP rights on doping silicon crystals with gallium and using the gallium-doped p-type crystalline silicon wafers for making solar cells. 

The application of gallium-doped silicon wafers can mitigate the initial light-induced degradation that solar cells using boron-doped p-type silicon wafers experience.

Photo: JA Solar’s landing page

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