JinkoSolar Focuses on High Efficiency with New Tiger Neo Solar Modules


JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. (JKS), a solar module manufacturer, has launched a new series of ultra-efficient 2021 Flagship Tiger Neo modules. The New Tiger Neo adopts N-type TOPCon technology with further enhancements in performance, power, energy density and reliability.

In mass production, the new module delivers a maximum power output of up to 620 W and an ultra-high conversion efficiency of up to 22.3%.

JinkoSolar’s N-type TOPCon technology provides about 5% to 6% more efficiency than mono PERC and about 3% to 4% more energy generation. Mass-produced from 182 mm wafers, the new Tiger Neo modules feature multi-busbar and half-cut cell technology to reduce internal resistance loss, and the circular solder strip design increases optical gain so that the module has an ultra-high efficiency.

Tiger Neo’s bifacial factor of up to 85% allows about 5% to 15% higher energy yield compared to conventional P-type bifacial modules in its lifetime. A higher bifacial factor also improves its power generation capacity and efficiency.

The Tiger Neo module has a lower temperature coefficient, which makes it more durable to withstand extreme and high-temperature environments. Its low-light performance and small irradiance angle prolongs exposure time of the panel during the day. Combining the advantages of low-temperature coefficient, low degradation and high bifacial factor, these qualities enable an annual energy yield that is 3% higher than that of mainstream P-type bifacial modules.

“The new Tiger Neo flagship series was designed to meet the needs of large-scale utility projects, industrial and commercial distributed generation, and residential applications,” says JinkoSolar CEO Kangping Chen. “Through the advantages of the N-type TOPCon technology, customers can invest in PV systems that are more efficient, more reliable and more profitable.”

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